Li-ion Batteries (LIB)

Foils For Li-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are revolutionising many industries due to their high power and fast recharge properties. Manufacturers of LIB are continually developing higher output batteries in smaller physical dimensions, meaning they are more often becoming the power source of choice for many applications.

This now extends to many everyday products such as:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Drones
  • Mobile communication devices

For Battery Manufacturers we can offer small quantities of all our products for R&D and start up projects as well as larger volumes for full production. Please click on our links below for more information on our materials for battery technologies.

Electrodeposited (ED) Copper Foil

Electrodeposited (ED) copper foil is manufactured by depositing copper ions, via

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Aluminium Laminated Film

Lithium-ion cell manufacturers use laminated aluminium film to form the packaging for their

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Nano-Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil

This is the next generation of carbon coated aluminium used in the manufacture of

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Nickel Foil For Lithium-Ion Batteries

Avocet Precision Metals are suppliers of nickel foil, suitable for use in the manufacture

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Aluminium Foil For Lithium-Ion Batteries

Aluminium foil is typically used as the cathode in lithium ion cells. The aluminium

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Lithium-Ion Battery Tabs

Battery Tabs provide the connection between multiple layers of current collector plates and

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Supplier of Foils For Li-ion Batteries

At Avocet Precision Metals our mission is to become the number one partner of choice for manufacturers. To supply bespoke precision raw materials to our customers globally. We are a true global business with export customers in over a dozen different countries dispersed over 4 continents and with supply partners in Europe, the USA, India and Asia.

We possess vast experience in steel and metals and in international business and it is for these reasons that we were asked to contribute our expertise in to developing a UK supply chain for the raw materials for the fledgling UK and European li-ion battery industry. This industry is projected to grow exponentially over the next 20 years as electric power replaces oil in powering our transport systems.

As a modern socially responsible company we are committed to playing our part in the drive towards a green world. We recognise the unescapable reality of the climate crisis and are committed to do anything within our power to mitigate and reverse climate change.

Quality remains our first priority. Over the 23 years since our inception we have built up an enviable reputation for quality and precision on all the products that we sell whether we work as agents or trade under our own brands.

The task of applying these principles and values to a completely new range of foil products for battery manufacture was formidable. Above all we have to make sure that the materials that we offer are at the very forefront of current technology. The new Li ion battery industry needs to extract more power with ever shorter charge times from the products it produces.


Only the very best raw materials will achieve these targets.

Lithium-Ion Battery



Foils For Li-ion Batteries Guide

Lithium-ion battery current collectors are made exclusively from Copper and Aluminium Alloy foils there are no other suitable materials.

The foil of choice for the Anode is Electro-deposited ED Copper foil.
The Cathode is produced only from cold rolled Aluminium alloy foil.
Avocet Precision Metals supply ED Copper and Aluminium foils to closely controlled tolerances on thickness shape and chemical composition specifically for Li ion cell manufacture.

We believe that we have succeeded in partnering with the world’s best producers of battery foils. Not just in terms of their current production but most importantly in their commitment to product improvement through research and development.

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