Li-ion Batteries (LIB)

Aluminium Laminated Film

Lithium ion cell manufacturers use laminated aluminium film to form the packaging for their pouch cells. This is a material made up of aluminium foil sandwiched between multiple layers of polymers such as PET, PA and CPP.

Avocet Precision Metals offer lithium ion cell manufacturers multiple thickness and material combinations so that our customers can maximise their cell output. Utilising our partnership with one of the worlds best manufacturers of laminated aluminium, Avocet are in a fantastic position to provide our clients with the technical expertise and product quality required by Lithium ion battery manufacturers.

Working in partnership with our clients means that we understand the demands and challenges faced by manufacturers. Avocet Precision Metals supply both small volumes for start up and research companies, tailoring their specification to meet their exact needs, as well as supplying high volumes for mass production. We are very well positioned in the market to help our clients develop their new battery technologies, as well as improving already existing designs.

The trend for battery technologies is to produce higher power whilst reducing weight and dimensions. Our laminated foils, supplied in rolls up to 520mm wide can be supplied in thick dimensions to be used in larger batteries such as for EV applications, but also very thin dimensions to be used in consumer electronic applications where reduced weight and dimensions are so important.

Laminated Aluminium Foil For Pouch Cells – Thickness Guide & Datasheets.

Please find below a list of our standard thickness’s, all available as downloadable datasheets.

Product nameTotal ThicknessDatasheet
AvALL6868μm   Download
AvALL7373μm   Download
AvALL8888μm   Download
AvALL113113μm   Download
AvALL152152μm   Download
AvALL158158μm   Download

Avocet Precision Metals willingness and ability to supply small quantities of bespoke manufactured laminate foils for test and evaluation is proving to be a key resource for the new and expanding European manufacturing sector of Lithium ion batteries.

This facility can of course be quickly followed by pre-production and full production volumes at a competitive price once homologation is achieved.

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