Battery Tab Materials for Lithium-ion Cell Manufacturers

Lithium-ion Battery Tabs

Battery Tabs provide the connection between multiple layers of current collector plates and the external target source. The tab is welded to the current collectors (foil-to-tab) and then exits the cell, enabling the transfer of power to an external source.

Typically aluminium tabs are used for the cathode and Ni-plated copper used to form the anode, however other tab materials can be used for different cell chemistries and types.

Tab quality is crucial for the reliable and safe performance of a lithium ion cell; often cell failures can be attributable to poor tab sealing or inadequate corrosion resistance causing leaks.

Tab design is crucial for the optimised performance of a cell. Careful design considerations between tab thickness and width, as well as edge conditions and polymer types needs to be discussed.

Battery Tabs for Lithium-ion Design

Bespoke Battery Tabs For Lithium-ion Batteries

Here at Avocet we have a wealth of experience in the lithium ion battery market, and we understand the stringent quality requirements for cell tabs.

Our range of battery tabs are designed in partnership with our clients. Our knowledge of the different surface treatments, polymers and delivery conditions available enables Avocet to be able to offer custom solutions for our clients specific cells.

Providing low volumes for lab production lines and universities, as well as high volumes suitable for giga plants ensures Avocet are well placed to service all types of lithium ion cell manufacturers.

Battery Tab Size Ranges Available

Positive ElectrodeAluminium
Negative Electrode (3c)Nickel
Negative Electrode (EV)Nickel plated copper
Widths of metal1mm - 300mm
Thickness of metal0.05mm - 0.50mm
Length of tab sealant4.0mm - 20.0mm
Thickness of tab sealant0.072mm - 0.80mm

Benefits of Avocet Battery Tabs for Lithium-ion Batteries

Excellent corrosion resistance properties providing our clients with peace of mind

Optimised polymer adherence

Quantities available to suit your requirements

Truly customized solutions using our in house design team meaning we can enhance your cell performance

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