Li-ion Batteries (LIB)

Electrodeposited (ED) Copper Foil

Electrodeposited (ED) copper foil is manufactured by depositing copper ions, via electrolysis, onto a rotating metallic mandrel to form a thin layer of foil. Through this process, very wide and high purity thin foils can be manufactured that are suitable for a range of applications from PCB’s to Lithium ion batteries.

Throughout the development of new battery technologies, battery manufacturers have often used copper foil that has been manufactured by rolling or by electro-deposition, often not knowing which product suited either their manufacturing process or their application.

At Avocet Precision Metals we believe that ED copper is the future of LiB manufacture due to being able to achieve a higher elongation compared to the rolled counterpart, but most importantly as ED copper foil reduces the propensity for pinholes that is of upmost importance during manufacture of power storage devices.

ED Copper Foil To Specification

Avocet Precision Metals can supply ED copper foil that is manufactured to our customer’s specification, tailoring surface finish, thickness and mechanical properties. We specialise in supplying the highest quality copper foils on the market today, specifically for the manufacture of Lithium ion batteries. Our foils have the following properties that make them ideally suited for use in Lithium ion batteries.

High elongation and tensile strength aids the production process by reducing wrinkles and minimises deformation and ruptures.

Surface finishes can be tailored to suit our client’s requirements, controlling surface roughness to aide wettability and adhesion therefore improving the performance of the cell. Avocet Precision Metals have the technical expertise and know-how to speak with our clients to recommend the best possible product for their process. Our willingness and ability to supply small quantities of bespoke manufactured copper foils for test and evaluation is proving to be a key resource for the new and expanding European manufacturing sector of Lithium ion batteries.

This facility can of course be quickly followed by pre-production and full production volumes at a competitive price once homologation is achieved.

Download our ED Copper Foil for LiB Datasheet below:

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