Li-ion Batteries (LIB)

Nano-Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil

This is the next generation of carbon coated aluminium used in the manufacture of tomorrows new battery technologies.

This is a product that has taken over 5 years to develop, and is designed to be used as a superior product to more traditional carbon coated products that have a thick layer of carbon. The thin layer of graphite on the surface of the aluminium improves the energy and power density without increasing the thickness of the material.

The functional layer of graphite is only 400nm, allowing for greatly improved performance without increasing weight or dimensions by any significance.

The nano coating has a number of benefits to manufacturers of batteries:

Reduces the required amount of binder needed for the electrode, enhancing energy density and lowering cost of production.

Protects the aluminium collector from surface corrosion and oxidation.

Reduces interface resistance and internal resistance of the cell.

Decreases polarization and improves specific capacity of the electrode material.

Mitigates exothermic reactions and improves battery safety.

Improves production stability and reproducibility, as well as increases the consistency and cycling life of the cell. Avocet Precision Metals are pleased to be able to offer this product to our customers, for more details on this product please contact us or download our AvNANO datasheet here:

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