Li-ion Batteries (LIB)

Nickel Foil For Lithium Ion Batteries

Avocet Precision Metals are suppliers of nickel foil, suitable for use in the manufacture of new battery technologies. Pure nickel has very good conductive properties as well as corrosion resistance. Pure nickel foil can be manufactured by 2 methods, both of which we offer to the standard required for current and emerging battery technologies.

Electrodeposited (ED) Nickel foil

ED Nickel foil is manufactured by a process that is based on electrolysis whereby nickel ions are deposited on to a rotating metallic mandrel to form a layer of high purity nickel foil. Through this method of manufacture, pure nickel foil can be supplied in wider widths when compared with the conventional cold rolling of nickel foil. In addition the surface finish of the foil can be determined through the use of different surfaces on the rotating metallic mandrels.

Our high quality nickel foil can help improve the performance of your battery cell.

Download our ED foil datasheet here:

Rolled Nickel Foil

Rolled nickel is manufactured from a pure nickel billet produced through smelting. This is then progressively reduced in thickness through a process of cold rolling and annealing that allows very thin cold rolled foils to be manufactured to order.

All our foil is manufactured to customer specification; we are able to tailor surface finish, mechanical properties and thickness tolerances in order to assist our clients in improving their battery cell performance.

ProductThickness rangeWidth rangeGrades
Electrodeposited (ED) Nickel Foil0.007mm -
< 1000mmPure Nickel
Rolled Nickel Foil0.010mm -
< 305mmAlloy 200
Alloy 201

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