Battery Tabs – When the small things count the secret is in the detail

Mar 3, 2020 | General

So much research and development is taking place worldwide into improving the performance, output and speed of recharging of batteries for EV vehicles. Attention is intensely focussed on the chemistry and the foils used in the anode and cathode components. At Avocet we have been and continue to be a key contributor to this R & D process as a trusted supplier of Copper and Aluminium foils to battery cell developers and manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

The tabs – tiny ears of metal that link the cells have generally been taken for granted, but no longer. Our own search to find the best battery tab manufacturer has exposed the stark difference between adequacy and excellence. We have excellence and the construction of our tabs and the adhesion that they achieve is now enhancing the performance of the li-ion cells to which they are attached. At the forefront of technology the smallest details become important.

We at Avocet have always recognised the importance of attention to detail and we are delighted to pass on the benefits of our expertise to our customers.