Fine Wire – The Multi-use Dream

Feb 7, 2018 | General

I have never thought too much about Fine wire until I was tasked to selling it. It can often be overlooked but many everyday applications require some form of fine wire which has be produced for specific purposes. Firstly there are strainers, namely cocktail strainers which play a part in my life as well as the worldwide drinks and refreshments industry. This is of course an obvious example but there are many more examples which are not so obvious.

Depending on what it is required for will depend on the make-up of the wire. They can often be used in harsh environments which require them to be anti-rusting or super strong to support structures. For examples nickel alloy wires are used in the oil and gas industry to build the filters which assist in extracting the dirt and foreign bodies when oil is being withdrawn from underground. As well as being incredibly strong Nickel alloy wires’ are anti-corrosive therefore can work in the most difficult of environments. The wires are woven into a mesh which creates an extremely strong structure.

Very fine wires are increasingly becoming more and more important in the medical industry with lifesaving developments requiring the finest wires designed and manufactured in a way which are suitable to be inside the human body. This can be seen in the development of stents and catheters which can fit inside arteries and veins.

Within the aerospace industry the need for materials to withstand certain environments such as extreme cold and heat within the fuselage and engine has developed over the years. It is now a desire for components and parts to be as light as possible to assist the environment and make aircraft more eco-friendly. Nickel Alloy wires can be developed with this in mind in that they can perform the required task as well as being lightweight and extremely robust. This is also true in the development of Strip, Sheet and foils which are also used in production of aircraft.

Much like the aerospace industry the automotive industry has its uses for super alloys which in turn are helping the environment. The introduction of battery powered cars and the precision foils and wires which are used to produce these super power packs are driving the industry forward.

Watch this space. One wonders if we will be hearing more about Artificial Intelligence and the wonderful materials used to produce your friendly robot or life partner.