Foils For Li-Ion Batteries

Jul 31, 2018 | General

“Phew what a scorcher”, “the hottest summer since ‘76 “, “hosepipe ban!”, “Hotter than Greece”. These have been the headlines this summer of 2018.

Clearly something is afoot with drought conditions and forest fires in Greece and the USA. Conditions characterised by record temperatures and very little rain apart from severe thunderstorms and flash floods.

The Gulf Stream is reported to be slower and the jet stream split and positioned to prevent weather systems moving in to Europe from the Atlantic. Climate change is undeniable and the human contribution significant. Emissions targets have had very little effect in reducing the effects of climate change and the recent controversy over motor manufacturers fixing the results has been a public relations disaster for them. It is clear that in order to mitigate the effects of climate change there must be significant changes to life styles in the industrialised world.

The internal combustion engine is over 100 years old, cars are relatively cheap and our streets are over crowded and the air in our cities is toxic.

Motor manufacturing have at last begun to respond to government pressure and initiatives to develop transport options that are emission free. We can expect that the electric car will be common on our streets in a very short space of time. Currently batteries are expensive and their range is short but this will change as battery technology is developed. A huge amount of money and expertise is being employed in lithium ion battery technology.

We at Avocet Precision are ideally placed to contribute to this development and play our part in saving our environment. Metal foils are a key market for us and we have been aware of these technological developments for some time. Battery manufacturers will find that we are their perfect first call for material for R&D and production purposes.

At Avocet Precision Metals our mission is to meet the metal requirements of the 21st century.