Not Just ED Copper Foil… Avocet ED Copper Foil

Jan 20, 2020 | General

In 2020 we are on the brink of an overdue and necessary revolution in transport. Climate change has shifted from the  theoretical and statistical realm to having a real and severe impact on peoples lives. Recent comparative satellite pictures of Australia from 2010 and 2019 show the effects of a 3 year drought in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. The result is desertification with parched earth, water shortages, burning bush country and destroyed homes. In the waters around Australia low lying Pacific and Indian Ocean islands are disappearing beneath the waves as Ocean levels rise as a result of melting ice caps. Europe and North America are also expected to lose urbanised coastal areas within the next 30 years.

climate change devastation

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The last 30 years have seen an immense growth in travel by road and air not only in Europe and the USA but in Asia, Russia, India and South America too. It is recognised that emissions from transport are one of the major manmade contributors to climate change.

This recognition is being translated into Governmental policies towards electrification of road and air transport. The development of lithium-ion battery storage capacity is crucial to the success of this innovation and in turn the availability of the correct quality of ED (electro deposit copper foil) is crucial for the manufacture of the anode component in these battery cells. There is no substitute for ED copper foil and huge effort is being expended on understanding how the ED copper foils performs in the battery environment and how small changes in its quality and appearance can affect battery chargeability and output.

We know that ED copper foils as used for manufacturing PCB s are not ideal for batteries. Close control of thickness shape, chemistry and surface finish have a significant effect on the performance of batteries produced with ED copper foil anodes.  Our ED copper foil is designed, specified and manufactured especially for battery manufacture, taking into account all current and cutting edge research and knowledge. Avocet ED copper foil is at the forefront of battery manufacture technology.

This is not just ED copper foil, this is Avocet ED copper foil.