Precision Metals? Yes – But Steel Strip is Still Important

Mar 14, 2023 | General

Avocet Steel Strip Ltd founded in 1996 began life as a supplier of precision metals focused entirely on cold rolled steel strip. At that time the UK market was large and  thriving with several UK based quality producers providing lively competition for Avocet’s French product imported from Etilam (Group Usinor).

The market is very different in 2023. All the UK competitors have ceased to exist as result of being economically squeezed as demand for precision metals has contracted over the last 20 years. Steel Strip however remains a key product for Avocet Precision Metals. The company has progressively adapted to the changing market by providing steel strip in the qualities and specifications required by specialist customers but also by matching minimum order quantities to the reduced batch requirements that the market now demands.

Avocet Precision Metals has seen its market share grow by 20% per year over the last 3 years due to its sympathetic response to these market changes. It is now the UK’s preferred supplier for precision steel strip, painted steel strip, copper and nickel plated steel strip and mild and high carbon spring steel strip.

Avocet Precision Metals have also enhanced their customer service by offering in house testing and quality assurance. The new laboratories and QC department offer tensile strength, testing surface appearance and chemical analysis. Avocet Precision Metals guarantees right first time, and right every time.