Precision Steel Wire – Making Beautiful Music

Feb 1, 2018 | General

You turn the key or press the start button, give it a little throttle and the engine bursts into life, beyond your feet under the bonnet you have that throaty roar of an Alpha Romeo that once echoed down the streets of Monaco and reverberated off the stands at Monza carrying Fangio to his many victories. Or perhaps it’s the reassuring vroom of a M Sport BMW or the reliable purr of a Mercedes. In all these examples it’s the sweet notes from an automotive engine that is music to a drivers ears.

There are many precision components in a modern car engine, whether normally aspirated or super charged petrol or common rail diesel. Todays technology devoted to fuel efficiency, emission controls and performance delivers once unimagined outputs of BHP from the smallest of engines. The unsung hero amongst these many components nestling  under the bonnet and helping deliver this high performance is a humble wire.

High carbon high tensile tempered  spring wires produced to precision standards are used to make the valve springs in engines that power the cars we drive every day to work and those that speed round the Grand prix Circuits of the world. Produced to BS En 10270-2 this carbon steel alloyed with chrome and vanadium ,super clean and eddy current tested is drawn into wires from diameters of 1.00mm to 18mm. It is usually the smaller dimeters that are required  by specialist spring manufacturers to make automotive engine valve springs .These are high precision items that undergo rigorous accelerated life testing .They have to be able to perform continuously at high revolutions for millions of repeated compressions The worlds automotive manufacturers will accept nothing less . It is the banjo and mandolin duo of a two stroke, the 6 piece rock band of a Harley Davidson and the full orchestra of BMW or Mercedes . This reminds us that these same wires are used to string the Fenders and Gibson guitars slung over the shoulders of our musical heroes. Precision wires, they are truly “ Born to Run ! “

Let us help you make beautiful music. Contact Avocet Precision, the number one source for tempered steel wires in all diameters from 1.00mmm to 18 mm, round flat or profiled.