Aluminium Extrusion is a process of shaping material whereby a block of aluminium, known as a billet, is pushed through a die. Avocet Precision Metals can supply bespoke aluminium extrusions, manufactured according to our customer’s specification.

Through our manufacturing partners, extrusions can be produced from 0.1 kgs/pmtr upto 15 kgs/pmtr. Further processing can also be offered, meaning Avocet can offer a complete package from design to production.

Processing Capabilities

  • Cutting
  • Anodising
  • Power-Coating (including wood-grain)
  • Drilling
  • Fabrication
  • Polyamide Thermal Break

Benefits of sourcing bespoke Aluminium Extrusion through Avocet


1. Time Management

We appreciate how valuable time can be, especially in this industry. Working with Avocet significantly reduces the time spent sourcing/dealing with a Mill. We already have a range of contacts, which we can utilise for you immediately. The relationship is already established with our manufacturers, and everything from prices to dealing with the shipment can be handled by your Avocet contact. That precious time can be spent elsewhere.

2. Lead times

Avocet offer a stockholding service, the period offered can always be discussed to suit your business needs. The advantage of this is after the initial lead time, we can significantly reduce any future lead time you experience through our stockholding service. This is because we can hold & distribute your profile from our warehousing facility in the UK direct to you. Your Avocet contact will work with you directly, informing you how your stock levels are looking and what current lead times are from our manufacturers.

3. MoQ’s

Minimum order quantities may be a reason for you not looking at purchasing a profile to your specific needs. Working with Avocet alleviates this concern. Avocet’s stockholding service means not all of the material has to be taken up-front and can be spread out over an agreed period of time. The benefits of this include less of a strain on cash flow, spreading the cost in line with the output and more available space in your warehouse for other projects.

4. Relationship

You will have a direct contact at Avocet, an experienced account manager who will know your specific needs and who will build a relationship with yourself and your business. Avocet already have strong relationships set up with established manufactures, time has been spent building these relationships so that our customers can receive the best service and most competitive price relative to their needs.

5. One Stop Service

We can work with you in relation to the design process, speaking to our manufacturers about any technical questions that need answering. We can assess which mill would be best for your capabilities, as not all mills have the same production capabilities.

Through our manufacturers additional processing capabilities, Avocet can work with you from design to full production. Any extra processing which would be completed by yourselves on the profile, including anodising, powder coating, cutting and fabricating can be done by our manufacturers at the same time the profile is being produced.

This saves on time and reduces costs for your business. We will then take it one step further in production to future requirements. We will never just look at the immediate job, but what can we do to help out in the future. Avocet looks to build long standing relationships with our customers

Processing Capabilities

Avocet can also help out with some standard sizes; we can bring in material when the die has already been produced. The MoQ’s vary, but would typically be for 1 ton+, but please ask. If you are interested, please see attached stock-list for all the standard dies we can offer. Stockholding and any additional processing can be offered in conjunction with this service.

Aluminium Section / Aluminium Profiles

It’s 100 years now since the electrolysis processing of aluminium reduced its cost by 80% so allowing this lightweight metal to become a cost effective alternative to steel for an enormous range of applications.

World wide 25% of all aluminium produced is turned into sections and profiles by extrusion and then used in the construction industry. One of the first projects to use aluminium sections dates from the 1930s refurbishment of the Empire State building where aluminium sections replaced the original steel window frames. More recently, in the early 1970s aluminium profiles were essential in the construction of the controversially brutalist Pompidou Centre and Louvre Pyramid in Paris.

The influence of aluminium profiles and sections is there for all to see in the skylines of our modern cities. The versatility of extruded aluminium sections in terms of weight and limitless shapes allows free reign to the architects imagination. London’s skyline has changed dramatically over the last 25 years with buildings such as the Gherkin the Shard and the cellphone making a statement to the world about modern Britains place in the modern world as a centre for finance and commerce.

Aluminium sections and profiles applications are not limited to architecture. Their light weight versatility of design has found uses in transport – trailers for commercial vehicle, electronics and computers, telecommunications and now in renewable energy especially solar power for the frames of PV panels. The rapidly expanding market for Electric Vehicles is further stimulating demand for aluminium sections and profiles. The light weight of aluminium provides an attractive solution in the assembly of the lithium ion cell power units that propel electric vehicle. These sections and profiles are available in standard box sections and channels but most interestingly in a limitless range of bespoke designs.

Avocet Precision Metals offer customers a bespoke design service for custom made extruded sections and profiles as well as standard profiles and sections for example box sections, rounds, flats, Z ,T and U profiles. Contact us here or call us on +44 1625 590 745.

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