Nickel Alloy Foil

Nickel based alloys are used in those applications that require enhanced properties when compared to stainless steel. As a superior product to stainless, these alloys are reserved for the most demanding of environments from extremely high temperatures to the most corrosive of atmospheres.

Avocet are proud to be UK agents for Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals Inc. Ulbrich is based in New Haven Connecticut USA and specialise in producing precision foil from stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium alloys. Their motto “we deliver precision” says it all. They have the equipment, knowledge, imagination and technology to allow them to deliver on the most demanding specifications.

Over the past five years we have gained a highly enviable reputation for our knowledge in these areas and are now one of the leading UK suppliers of nickel based alloy foil, all produced to customer specification. Understanding our customers requirements is central to our philosophy.


Reducing their inventory by producing small quantity orders to customer specification

Adhering to difficult to specifications first time around

Holding extremely tight tolerances on thickness and surface finish to achieve a consistent and reliable product.

Supplying small quantities from stock quickly and efficiently

ProductSpecificationThickness RangeWidth RangeGrades
Nickel Alloy FoilProduced to British, American, aerospace or medical standards on request.0.009mm and above3.00mm - 305mmNickel 200
Nickel 201
Permanickel 300
Monel® 4001 allov 400
Monel® 4011/ alloy 401
Monel® K-5001 alloy K-500
Inconel®6001 allov 600
Inconel@625¼/ alloy 625
Inconel®7181/ allov 718
Inconel@X-7501/alloy X-750
Incolov®8001 allov 800
Incolov@8251 allov 825
Ni-SpanC®9021/ alloy 902
Hastelloy@C-2762/ alloy C-276
Hastelloy®C-222/ alloy C-22
Hastellov@G-302/ allov G-30
Hastelloy@B-32/ alloy B-3
HastelloyeX2 alloy X
Haynes®2142/ alloy 214
Havnes®2302 allov 230
Haynes®2422 alloy 242
Haynes®1882/ alloy 188
Haynes®25-L6052/ allov 25-L605

We can accommodate large quantities from multiple tonnes right down to a few kg from stock.

The Following Registered Trademarks are recognised:

Trademark of Special Metals group of companies
Trademark of Haynes International, Inc
Trademark of United Technologies Corporation

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