Titanium Foil

Titanium is an extremely high strength metal with low density meaning its use in aerospace applications is extensive.

Titanium has the highest strength-density ratio of any metallic element, and can be combined with other metals to create super strength, highly corrosion resistant alloys that are low in weight. It is 60% denser than aluminium however it is twice as strong. In addition to aerospace applications, titanium has many applications within the medical device industry as it is biocompatible as well as being safe to use during MRI scan.

Commercially pure grades are available and differ in their oxygen content which impact the ductility of the metal. There are typically 4 commercially pure grades, with grade 1 having the least Oxygen content and therefore the highest ductility, the grade 4 having the highest Oxygen content and lower ductility.

Avocet are proud to be UK agents for Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals Inc. Ulbrich is based in New Haven Connecticut USA and specialise in producing precision foil from stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium alloys. Their motto “we deliver precision” says it all. They have the equipment, knowledge, imagination and technology to allow them to deliver on the most demanding specifications.

Ulbrich is one of the world leaders in cold rolling precision titanium foils down to just a few microns in thickness. With the drive for lighter and stronger materials in demanding industries such as aerospace and motorsport, titanium foil is the premier material of choice for many applications. We are now one of the leading suppliers of titanium foil to the UK market.


Reducing their inventory by producing small quantity orders to customer specification
Adhering to difficult to specifications first time around
Producing consistent, reliable and high quality material for every order
Supplying small quantities from stock quickly and efficiently

ProductSpecificationThickness RangeWidth RangeGrades
Titanium FoilProduced to British, American, aerospace or medical standards on
0.015mm and above3.00mm - 305mmCommercially pure grades 1 to 4.
Titanium alloys:
Ti G7/11
Ti 15-3-3-3
Ti3 -2.5G9
Ti Beta 21S, G21
Ti 6-2-4-2

We can accommodate large quantities from multiple tonnes right down to a few kg from stock.

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