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Strip and Coil Supplier

Cold rolled steel and special metals manufactured to close tolerances on both thickness and width – and with precise mechanical characteristics. Our cold rolled steel strip is manufactured to the customers particular requirements and designed to make the part.

Mild steel is the ubiquitous metal, relatively low cost and readily available it can be formed, bent & deep drawn. In its raw form and untreated it is prone to rusting. With the application of modern paint systems or metallic coatings such as zinc nickel or aluminium can not only improve steels resistance to corrosion but also enhance its aesthetic appearance.

Medium and high carbon steels are used in more specialist applications where the metal hardness and resistance to wear are important for example in knives, blades and springs. These carbon steels are normally supplied in the annealed condition but can also be supplied heat treated (hardened and tempered) to increase their hardness and tensile strength still further.

More demanding applications will require stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium or our thermal or controlled expansion alloys. Avocet Precision Metals offer a full range of metal solutions for electronics, energy, medical, automotive, aerospace, engineering and heat transfer markets.