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Tantalum Strip

Tantalum is used in extremely demanding applications where the highest form of corrosion resistance is required. We can offer both powder metallurgy and typical electron beam processed tantalum strip.

The powder metallurgy grade tantalum is perfect for deep drawing and stamping applications. When ordering this material specify “Deep Draw Quality” or order to ASTM B708 R05400.

For high temperature applications such as furnace parts, we have grain stabilized tantalum strip and foil.

This product is engineered to significantly increase the product life by slowing grain growth at high temperature.

CategorySpecificationThickness RangeWidth RangeGrades
Precision Tantalum StripASTM0.05mm - 2.23mm3.00mm - 630mmTantalum 2.5% Tungsten
Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten
Tantalum 10% Tungsten
Tantalum 40% Niobium
Tantalum micro-alloys

We can accommodate large quantities from many kilograms to just a few spools from stock.

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