Thin Walled Tube


Kovar ® and equivalent grades are nickel-iron-cobalt alloys which exhibit low expansion at room temperature. They have a co-efficient of thermal expansion similar to that of glass.

Therefore these types of alloys are used in many glass to metal and hermetic sealing applications. Our partners are experts in producing precision thin walled and small diameter tubes in Kovar and equivalent grades.

Our Partners Le Guellec are a tube manufacturer like no other, we would suggest that they are probably unique.Based on the North West coast of France they are exclusively a bespoke manufacturer of precision tubes. Equipped with an active R&D department they innovate their own products and help their customers innovate theirs.

The range is from 35mm outside diameter down to 0.20mm OD. But they start to come into their own at 10mm OD and below. They are equipped to produce Kovar® tube in quantities from as little as 10 linear metres. This means that they can satisfy their customer’s requirements all the way through the development process from prototype through PPAP to final production.

There is no standard production for stock. Everything is designed and produced to meet each customer’s individual demands Le Guellec offers a full service for innovation and product development.

CategorySpecificationWall Thickness RangeOD RangeGrades
Kovar® TubeProduced to British, American, aerospace or medical standards on request0.05mm - 2.50mm0.2mm - 35.0mmKovar® and equivalent grades including:
Nilo 5
Pernifer 2918
Dilver P1
Alloy 42
Alloy 46
Alloy 52

We can accommodate large quantities from many kilograms to just a ten metre MOQ.


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