Spring Steel Wire

Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire

Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wires are used in many applications that are vital to today’s modern economy. From clutch springs used in automotive applications to valve springs, oil tempered spring wires are the unsung heroes in the spring world. They are produced using a silicon-chrome annealed wire, which is heat treated in order to temper the wire.

History of Steel Spring

Springs have been helping our lives since the ancient Egyptians. Evidence of wooden leaf type springs used in a chariot for high class individuals was found in Tutankhamuns tomb. Leonardo Da Vinci developed a spring within the matchlock pistol that was the critical element that enabled users to fire the pistol with one hand. The first steel spring was invented during the industrial revolution in 1857 which was used for a chair spring. Mattress springs were soon invented thereafter. Springs are used to store kinetic energy and have many different applications.

Oil tempered spring steel wire is produced from Silicon Chrome spring steel. These are alloys that have been developed for applications that require high stress, and for higher/lower temperatures than more standard carbon steels can withstand.

3 Different Qualities of Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire

Typically Avocet Precision Metals supply oil tempered spring steel wire in 3 different qualities, all to the European norm EN 10270-2, that are specified by our customers depending on their application. FD quality is usually used in static spring applications such as suspension springs, whereas TD is used in moderate fatigue stress environments. VD quality is chosen for high fatigue stress applications such as valve springs. Valve spring applications may also require Superclean and Shaved material which we can offer on request, as well as Eddy Current Testing.

A technically demanding product, they are produced to each individual customers specification by our partners in Italy who are the European market leaders in this product. Oil tempered wires can be supplied in round or custom profiles on request. We can supply from stock or from short production lead times.

Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire Specification

ProductDiameter RangeSpecificationTensile RangeGrades
Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire1.0mm to 18.50mmEN 10270-2To Customer SpecificationFDSiCr
VDSiCr+ superclean, shaved and vanadium on request

We can accommodate large quantities from multiple tons to just a few kilograms from stock. Speak to one of our team today about signing up to our oil tempered spring steel mailing list, which is sent to all our customers every 2 weeks.

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