Thermocouple Wire

Avocet are the UK agent for JLC Electromet, a producer and wire drawer of nickel based alloys including thermocouple wires. Themocouple wires have been engineered for use between the point of sensor and the cold junction compensation (cjc) where the signal is received and measured.

A typical thermocouple construction consists of a pair of different metals which are electrically joined together at the sensing point and connected to a voltage measuring instrument at the other end. When one junction is hotter than the other, a thermal “electromotive” force (in millivolts) is produced which is roughly proportional to the difference in temperature between the hot and cold junctions.

Thermocouple wires are available in either round wire or flat ribbons, produced to customer specification.

ProductThickness RangeWidth RangeSpecificationsGrades
Thermocouple WiresFrom 0.05mm to 12.0mm (round)

From 0.05mm (flat)
Up to 6mmAs per ASTM E230
As per IEC 584-3
Type K
Type J
Type T
Type E
Type V
Type R,S
Type N
Type B

We can accommodate large quantities from many kilograms to just a few spools from stock.

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