Stainless Steel Bar – Time To Move On

Sep 28, 2019 | General

The new post Brexit Britain will embrace the world market. We are told that shaking off the shackles of adherence to the restrictive rules of the European Union will allow us to trade freely with the great manufacturing countries of this rapidly changing world.

So who are these great manufacturers apart from Germany, Italy, France and the Benelux? There is Japan Taiwan and Korea, the USA and the greatest of all China and India.

We can and do actually trade with these countries now so its not the politics or geography that restricts our buying and selling but our perceptions and prejudices. So where is this going? Okay I confess I have an axe to grind.

We are delighted and privileged to work as Agents for Venus Precision Metals a modern dynamic manufacture of high quality stainless steel bars based in Bombay (Mumbai India). Their range of round bright drawn bars, centerless ground bars, mirror polished, free machining and solution annealed bars plus square and hexagon profiled bars is world class. These bars are sold into the most demanding applications in Asia the USA and Europe and have been for over 20 years . Then we come to the UK, our free trading, world market open for business UK that marks on the bottom of its inquiries for bar – “no materials of Indian or Chinese origin will be accepted”.

30 years ago there may have been a case for suspicion as to the quality of products from these exotic countries but not in recent times and certainly not today.

The ISO quality standard is a recognised world wide. Adherence to this ISO standard ensures the integrity of stainless steel alloys used for feedstock in manufacturing wherever this takes place in Bochum, Birmingham or Bombay. It also demands adherence to prescribed methods of manufacture, agreed standards of tolerances, quality control, testing and traceability. Compared with 30 years ago we do have true a global market and modern manufacturers wherever they are located recognise this and equip themselves to compete. Quite simply they  have to if they wish to survive, the best will then thrive.

The benefit for the customer is that they can be confident that the product that they buy will be exactly what they ordered and that it will be world class and eminently suitable for the application that they employ it for .

Our technical expertise and the support we get from Venus means that we can advise all customers about matching their applications to our bar products to achieve the best and most cost effective result. India is a lower wage economy but that does not imply exploitation, these things are relative and whilst we are aware of local conditions we also audit our partners on the welfare and treatment of their workforce along side of our quality and systems audit.

We offer therefore stainless steel bars at the highest level of quality at a price that allows our customers to compete in a world market taking full benefit of the prices that Venus has to offer.