Drawn Stainless Steel Bright Bars

Jul 17, 2020 | General

The term nuts and bolts is used to denote the theoretical essentials of life. But in relation to Stainless steel bars you may take it literally. Drawn stainless steel bars come in a range of shapes that include the rounds for bolts and the hexagons of nuts but they are much more ubiquitous than that. The Metallurgical Characteristics of stainless steel bar give them the essential qualities of formability, high strength and corrosion resistance. A huge number of essential engineering components have their origins in the raw material in stainless steel bars.

We have mentioned nuts and bolts already but we can also include a full range of fastenings including locks and latches for doors and windows in homes and vehicles as well as imaginative applications in building design and architecture.

It is its suitability for machining that opens up the largest range of applications for components made from stainless steel bars. Stainless steel bright bars can be ground, peeled, threaded and machined into precise and complex shapes.

We define progress as moving forward, man is a restless beast and has never been inclined to stand still. Our whole evolutionary journey has involved pushing towards the next horizon. The first law of thermodynamics dynamics tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and must remain constant. Progress therefore requires the conversion of source energy to kinetic energy and for that you need a shaft.

Stainless steel bars manufactured to particular analysis,  peeled and precision ground satisfy the requirements of drive shafts in the most demanding applications. For example, marine environments where the combination of high torque, heat and hostile and corrosive sea water presents a unique set of problems that can only be solved by stainless steel bars. In aerospace, where high performance with reliability is literally a life and death issue, and in automotive applications where the new technology of electrification places increasingly higher demands on Automotive drive train components.

Oil and gas and nuclear power applications present their own unique set of problems but these too are solvable by using carefully chosen precision stainless steel bright bars. As does the medical sector where small diameter precision stainless steel bars are used to manufacture the surgical equipment that  saves lives all over the world .

Stainless steel bars then are the nuts and bolts of progress. Avocet Precision Metals offers a cost effective high quality precision solution to the most complex stainless steel bright bar applications.