Materials Scientist
Alex Stonehouse

As a Material Scientist Alex fulfils a vital role in the Avocet R&D team. Manufacturing tabs requires an understanding of the way component materials behave within the battery structure. Innovation means balancing and optimising the various materials that may be employed in order to meet individual customer’s needs.

Alex’s knowledge and professional curiosity helps the R&D team make those important judgements. Alex lived in London until he left school and completed his Education at University of Manchester with a BSc first in Materials Science and Engineering and an MSc in Polymer Materials Science and Engineering. He is driven to understand what makes things work and to apply his knowledge to make them work better in order to shape an improved future for all.

Alex clearly has a very powerful intellect which is liberated by working at ABM. He says that the things that make him smile are ‘a good joke and a kind gesture’.

The empowering working atmosphere and the autonomy that he enjoys at ABM explains the ready the smile on his face. The quality of his work makes an invaluable contribution to the companies future success.