Business Relationship Manager
Anca Savalache

Known at APM as ‘The Machine’ due to her ability to devour work and achieve outstanding results. Anca says that her first memory is being carried on her father’s shoulders, trudging through snow a meter deep to see her grandfather in his home village in Southwest Romania. An area known for its cold winters where temperatures of -35C were not uncommon. Anca is an integral part of a multinational and multilingual team at ABM. Her family moved to Madrid when she was 9 years old not knowing the language. She learned quickly and was educated in Spanish and went on to read Law at the University of Alcala where she qualified as a Barrister specialising in Criminal and Family law.

From there she moved to London intent on learning English, met her partner and stayed in England. Inevitably she ran out of money and the necessity to just survive lead her into a variety of sales jobs. She discovered that she liked the sales role and was good at it.

Finally arriving at Avocet in July Anca says that she loves the family atmosphere and the team-goal orientated management that encourages her to succeed. She tells us that she finds pleasure in the warmth and comfort of her family especially the reunions because they are so far away, her adopted cat Lolita, the frequent friendly smiles from English strangers, meeting old friends and the smells of home, and helping those in need.