Quality Manager
Andy Bastable

Known as Andy Q, this Andy is Avocet’s Quality Manager. He lives and breathes quality and the systems that support it. He’s never happier than when designing new systems and processes to support the manufacturing operations. His Lean Six Sigma Black Belt qualification helps Avocet to be a data-driven business and continually improve it’s current processes. That’s not all there is to him, Andy is also a skilful machine technician and makes a huge contribution to keeping the lines humming.

Andy has fantastic attention to detail. This no doubt derives from the second of his 2 degrees in Chemistry and Forensic Science from Keele. This followed his first degree in Biochemistry from Nottingham, before focusing on quality systems for his career. He’s a local guy too, having lived in Newcastle Under Lyme and Stoke-On-Trent for most of his life.

Sport is Andy’s relaxation, he’s one of 3 hockey players in the Avocet team. He has been a member of North Stafford Hockey Club for over 20 years, playing regularly for the second XI and is an integral part of the club’s sub-committee as Umpire Secretary, in part due to his England Hockey Umpire qualification. His quick mind and ability to instantly recall the rules and apply them without favour is a skill that’s appreciated 7 days a week, whether at work or on the hockey pitch.