Chief Operating Officer
Andy Bird

Andy carries the title of Operations & Engineering Director, a title he wears with ease but which hardly covers the scope of his impact on this business. Andy is very much from Liverpool,he says what he means and means what he says often laced with great humour. Andy recalls that he always wanted to be a postman’ because you got a
free bike’ but in fact he was a late starter, went to university as a mature student and earned a Degree in Mechanical Systems and Design Engineering.

There’s no doubt that his straight talking and disarming honesty allowed him to gain the huge and varied experience that he brought with him to ABM. With this experience and Andys guidance and leadership ABM has a head start in developing and applying all the systems and procedures necessary for the company to succeed in a very competitive and high tec manufacturing sector. He has played a big part in the recruitment process for ABM staff and his ability to quickly judge character has helped the company bring in personnel who not only value the ethos but who can quickly make an immediate contribution.

Similarly, Andys attention to detail is felt across all sectors of the business, maximising opportunity and minimising risk. He says his door is always open -in fact he doesn’t even have a door and all the team clearly respect and value his contribution and leadership. His pleasures are simple; his family, his two huge dogs, a nice bottle of port and convivial company. He says ‘it’s the people that make it worthwhile’ you wouldn’t argue with that.