Business Development Manager
Callum O’Hanlon

Callum is APM Business Development Manager and the battery foil specialist within the sales team. He works under Ryan and alongside Anca and like her he is legally trained (LLB University of Manchester). He says that studying law taught him that there was more satisfaction to be had in securing the deals than writing the contracts. Callum brings an analytical approach to sales strategy he is incredibly well organised and makes sure that he knows his customers requirements and preferences down to the fine details.

After leaving University, Callum was drawn to the metals industry and worked for a large multi depot distributer for several years. The chance to join Avocet was irresistible because of the variety and freedom to explore and develop his own cultivated business opportunities as part of a dynamic team. He says that’ every day is different and it’s a joy to come to work .’ Like Ryan, Callum is red to the core but in his case a Liverpool red. He even claims that his favourite memory is the bus parade after the Champions league win in Istanbul in 2005. Callum’s huge capacity for work, ground breaking success ‘s and organisational skills have contributed massively to raising the business profile of Avocet Precision Metals / ABM and enhancing the company’s reputation as the ‘go to’ supplier for precision metals.