QC Scientist
Henry Wong

Henry completed his education with a BSc in Chemistry and MSc in accreditation chemistry at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Although originally from Macau he studied and worked in Hong Kong before moving to Manchester in 2020 and joining ABM in August 2022.

It’s the science that fascinates Henry and he says that the opportunity to apply science to problem solving and innovation is what gets him up in the mornings. He says that falling out of his bunk bed at home is his earliest memory perhaps he was dreaming of science back then.

As ABM Quality Control Scientist, he carries the heavy responsibility of quality testing and certification to standard as well as making an important contribution to R&D. He thrives on being a key member of the ABM team where the drive to innovate allows him to apply his science and further his personal growth. Henrys attention to detail and rigorous approach to quality testing procedures guarantees that the quality of Avocets products always meet our customers’ requirements.