Chief Executive Officer
Kieren Hall

The CEO of the Avocet Company and co-founder Kieren shares the values and ideals of his family with large added doses of vision, drive and ambition. Born and brought up in Cheshire he attended Pott Shrigley village school one of the smallest of the small schools in England before Poynton High, one of the largest comprehensives and then The University of Birmingham for a 2-1 degree in Biological Science.

Kieren is determined and focussed and a team player in every sense. He still plays field Hockey; a sport that he has played at county and regional level from the age of eleven and he is also a single figure handicap golfer. In 2011 he accepted the opportunity to join the Avocet family business. He quickly set about changing it by improving and expanding the operation. Kieren became convinced that future proofing the business meant moving into manufacturing.

He had the vision and recognised the opportunity for the company to become integral in the supply chain for li ion batteries and vehicle electrification and so ABM was born in 2020. Kieren is now a well-respected leader in this industry. He has lectured at Warwick University and presented to the Bessemer Society. He sets the goals, the ethos, the atmosphere, and the vision for ABM and APM. His pleasures are derived from his family and young son and from playing competitive sports. Kieren says that playing hockey at the weekend is the best way to relax, that concentrating on the game and contributing to the team performance clears his head and makes for better decision making in the following week.