Production Operator
Louise McStein

Louise is the most recent addition to the ABM team. She answered the advert in September 2023 for a machine operator. Inspired by the promoted culture of teamwork and positive reinforcement and the hope that this was indeed a progressive company destined to go places. She says that her first weeks have shown this to be not only true but in fact exceeds her hopes and expectations .

Machines have always been part of Louises working ,life firstly in textiles and now in battery tabs and pinning band . In machine manufacturing environments understanding what the machine does and how it does it coupled with close attention to detail are vital skills in producing a quality product . Louise is a perfectionist and only the best will do and that sits well in the ABM team . Louise says that knowledge is the key to her understanding, and she wishes to expand her engineering knowledge and skills .

Not content with a hard day’s work Louises recreation is devoted to increasing her fitness .She is currently focussing on Calisthenics but this also helps her with her chosen sport of Olympic weight lifting and lifting the big fish that she catches at weekends .A 22lb Pike and a 49lb tope will surely have tested the muscles .Then there’s the motorbikes both riding them and sometimes fixing them.