Titanium Foils – From Space to Scottish Highlands

Jun 14, 2019 | General

It’s Summer, or at least it is supposed to be but with temperatures struggling to reach double figures you perhaps would not know it. Never the less, many people come spring like to get out at weekends and feel liberated in the verdant hills and mountains. With a fully packed rucksack and a lightweight tent it’s possible to escape into the wilds, feel the wind on your face and hear the call of the birds and the rustle of leaves on the trees. At the end of a long days hike lay down your pack, pitch your tent and see the stars for the first time un-dimmed by the light pollution from our cities. It’s a long walk into such remote places in the Pennines, Southern Uplands and Scottish Highlands but well worth the effort.

You may even briefly consider how man’s desire to leave the earth and explore the stars  above you has helped you get to your remote wild camping spot? If you are carrying your nights food and shelter with you then the weight on your back counts for a great deal in maximising your enjoyment. So thank NASA for Titanium alloys and Titanium foils. Within your rucksack you will find a handy stove with its wind shield and burner made from Titanium foil. The heat resistance and light weight of the Titanium metal that makes this stove so efficient was developed for the same qualities for use in lunar modules, the space station and interplanetary voyagers.

Stove and burner made from Titanium foil


Titanium foil is also used in metal liquid carriers. It doesn’t leave a taste in the water, Titanium foil does not corrode and it’s easy to clean. But above all Titanium foil is light weight. Having spent all week at work you don’t need a weight on your shoulders at the weekend when enjoying the great outdoors. You may even fancy a dram before bed time, that hip flask is made from Titanium too and the malt whiskey tastes all the better for that- SLANGE!