What is the meaning of the term ‘Quality’ ?

Oct 19, 2018 | General

Customers often say that they take quality for granted or as assumed.

The dictionary defines ‘quality‘ as –

“the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.”

This definition implies that quality is comparative or relative. A product can be fit for purpose whilst of poor quality. Equally a product can be in itself of excellent quality but unfit for the purpose to which it is applied. This clearly means that excellence is not enough. The context into which the product is used is of equal if not more importance.

At Avocet Precision Metals we are unequivocal about quality and understand context. As a supplier of metal products for the most demanding applications our reputation in built upon the expectation that we will at all times deliver a quality product.

We work with a range of supply partners and our portfolio of metal products all complement each other. The key part of our offer to our customers is that the synergies between our supply partners mean that we can offer a range of complimenting precision materials in strip wires and tubes.

Each supply partner has more than one thing in common but the first of these is their commitment to produce at all times a quality product which meets the customers specification and exceeds their expectation. All our supply partners are audited and vetted by us personally ,each has a worldwide recognised certification of quality. All of our supply partners  is a world renowned expert in its own product area. However the commitment to quality and the paperwork to prove it are not enough. We at Avocet Precision have to play our part too.

All our products are bespoke and produced to each customers individual specification designed to suite their application. We at Avocet know intimately our supply partners processes and capability and their strengths and weaknesses. At Avocet we have the years of experience that allow us to understand and evaluate our customers individual requirements then match these to the capabilities of our supply partners. Our technical expertise is a vital input into ensuring the delivery of a quality product that exceeds expectations.

In a rapidly changing world in which supply chains are changing all the time, it will be good to know that here at Avocet Precision we have the answers. Wherever in the world our metal originates, EU, USA or India you can be certain that Avocet Precision Metals will always deliver the quality product that meets the specification and exceeds the expectations.